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tailor made beauty products

Inside my cosmetic atelier, you'll find a diverse array of ingredients, tools, and equipment. It's where formulations are born, from moisturizers and serums to lipsticks and perfumes. The process involves meticulous measurement, blending, and testing to ensure that each product meets the highest standards of quality and safety.
Give your loved ones
Gift certificates
Gift certificates from my atelier are a perfect way to treat your loved ones to a pampering experience.

My gift certificates can be purchased in two variation (hair care and face care) and can be redeemed for any type of beauty products, allowing the recipient to choose their own personalized cosmetics.
Frequently Asked
How long does it takes to develop my beauty products?

Normally it takes around 3-5 days after our initial meeting (online) - as soon as I have all necessary information, I can start to develop the formulation and make the prototype. 

What if I don't like the result?

This is simple: if you are unsatisfied with the result, you get your money back. I usually make prototypes based on the info you provide, you try it, and then I finalize the product according to your wishes (so you will have a chance to change things you don't like in your product). There is always a small chance that you won't be happy with the final result - but don't worry, we will sort it out.

What if I want to re-order?

If you enjoy the product and want to reorder using the same formulation, you can do it with 30% discount. Your order will be ready in 5 to 10 working days after receiving the payment.

I want you to make a cream with the specific ingredient - can you do this?

Well, it depends on the ingredient - I will be happy to discuss it with you at our initial meeting. If I consider it safe and suitable for you, and if it does not go against my ethics, I will be happy to collaborate.

What is the basic set of face care products you recommend to order?

I formulate my products to support one another, and of course, in the ideal world, it is better to order at least day cream, night cream, and serum. Face toner and a face mask will also be a good addition to this program 🙂 But you can indulge yourself even with one product of your choice - you can start with it and then continue your journey if you like the result.


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